2D materials and meta-materials in the quantum regime

Meta-materials and in general 2D materials (for example graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide mono-layers) have been applied in may areas of exciting research over the past years, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of the behaviour of matter at the microscopic scale. There is also significant interest in their nonlinear optical properties, which are naturally also determined and defined by the 2D geometry. Most studies have been limited to harmonic generation but there are significant opportunities also at the interface with quantum optics. Examples are fundamental studies of the so-called “dynamical Casimir effect” (the generation of light from the vacuum state due to an oscillating surface) or analogue gravity studies where these materials can be used to create artificial space-time geometries and then study the behaviour of quantum states in these curved geometries.

This project is strictly experimental and will involve using lasers and light to modulate, control and probe the properties of a range of 2D materials that are available at our facility.

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