High Power Laser Machining

The research of High Power Laser Applications (HPLA) group is focused on the study of laser-matter interactions and the development of advanced processes for laser processing applications. Our research team has an excellent knowledge in the control and monitoring of laser processing parameters as well as can share experience in the use of adaptive optics for tailoring high power laser beams. The members of the HPLA group can also offer an expertise in the use of optical fibres for delivery of high power light for laser material processing and biomedical surgery applications.

The HPLA laboratories are well equipped with advanced laser systems which can be used for many laser processing applications, such as precision laser micromachining, cutting, drilling, milling, surface texturing, polishing, marking and laser additive manufacturing. The lasers available in our laboratories are listed below:

 Laser  Parameters  Applications
 Picosecond thin disk laser (TruMicro 5250-3C) 6ps pulse duration, PRF ≤ 400kHz, 50W @ 1030nm, 25W @ 515nm, 15W @ 343nm Precision laser micromachining, milling, cutting, drilling of optical glasses, thin films and metals. Thickness of the workpiece < 0.5mm Machining features: > 15μm
Nanosecond fibre lasers (SPI Lasers)  Tuneable pulse duration: 10-250ns PRF ≤ 800kHz Max. power: 50W @ 1064nm Surface texturing, polishing, marking, engraving, cutting, drilling of metals Thickness of the workpiece < 1mm Machining features: > 30μm
Nanosecond SSL (Inazuma) 65ns pulse duration PRF = 15-100kHz 30W @ 1064nm 15W @ 532nm Cutting and drilling of thin films Cutting, marking and engraving of metals Thickness of the metal workpiece < 1mm Machining features: > 30μm
Nanosecond SSL (JDSU Q-series)  35ns pulse duration PRF < 10kHz 10W @ 355nm  Texturing of metal surfaces Drilling of thin metal sheets and thin films Machining features: > 10μm
 Diode laser (Laserline)  CW 220W @ 940nm  Laser additive manufacturing Laser joining
 redPower fibre laser (SPI Lasers)  CW (modulated) 100W @ 1064nm Powder bed laser additive manufacturing 
 Copper Vapour laser (Oxford Lasers)  50ns pulse duration PRF = 10kHz 50W @ 515nm 25W @ 262nm  Micromachining Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) writing
 Pulsed Er:YAG laser (IMPEX High Tech)  225μs pulse duration PRF = 15Hz 4.5W @ 2.94μm  Medical applications
 Nanosecond Nd:YAG laser (Quanta-Ray)  6ns pulse duration PRF = 10Hz 200mJ @ 1064nm 120mJ @ 532nm 60mJ @ 255nm  Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

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