Energy Harvesting and Conversion

Energy Harvesting and Conversion Theme

The approach of theme is the integration of energy micro-technologies into macro-systems. This includes innovations in smart materials, smart devices with the exploitation of their applications in smart vehicles, smart buildings, smart cities, smart grids up to a complete smart infrastructure. We develop the science and engineering of extracting, converting and conserving energy from novel sources in novel ways. Sources of energy include more tradition renewable from solar, and wind to more exotic such as bacteria and biomass, including also newer and exotic thermoelectric conversion process. Storage of energy through electrochemical and solar thermal routes and combining the energy efficiency schemes are also explored through front line research efforts.

We are a multi-disciplinary theme with expertise in the following: Materials, Surface Analysis and Modification CFD, coatings, sprays, thin films CO2 conversion / Solar fuels Thermoelectric Materials Heat Recovery, thermoelectric Photovoltaics (Thin film and Excitonic solar cells) Vibration, reliability Electrical Integration/Reliability Sustainable Systems Integration Grid Modelling with Electric Vehicles Visualisation, modelling

We have strong industrial links with some of the top companies in the UK such as NSG-Pilkington, G-24i, Solar Press, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd, Johnson Matthey, DuPont Teijin Films, Ove-Arup, Grid Post Limited, Gas Sensing Solutions; Solaronix SA and Flisom in Switzerland; BHEL, Moserbaer in India, etc. Industrial collaborative research projects which have recently started include lightning protection on high voltage transmission lines with SSE. We have links with other academic institution, worldwide: Universität der Bundeswehr München, Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik, University of Rennes1, Technical University of Varna, Aalborg University;, EPFL at Lausanne, Switzerland, EMPA at Zurich Switzerland, Tsinghua University at Hsinchu and National University of Taiwan, Taipei; Tokyo University of Science and Hyogo University, Japan; NUS Singapore; NCL Pune, NPL New Delhi, IICT Hyderabad, IIT Delhi and Kanpur, India and various institutions in India, Korea and Malaysia.…

Members of this theme and a summary of their research interests
Name Research Interests
Andresen, John                 Sustainable Energy Systems
Bennett, Nick                     Thermoelectric Materials             
Fruh, Wolf G                       Grid Modelling with Electric Vehicles
Garcia Lopez, Susana       Carbon Capture and Storage
Harper, Alan J                     Sustainable Systems Integration
Lim, Theodore                    Visualisation, Modelling
Maroto-Valer, Mercedes               Carbon dioxide capture, transport, storage and utilisation
McCoustra, Martin R S    Materials & Surface Analysis & Modification
O'Donovan, Tadhg            Solar Thermal & Heat Storage
Robu, Valentin                   Smart Grids
Sanna, Aimaro                    Catalytic thermo-conversions       
Swingler, Jonathan           Electrical Integration/Reliability
Wang, Huizhi                       Electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Xuan, Jin                               Renewable Energy               
Yurchenko, Daniil              EH, Dynamics, Vibrations, Control, Reliability 
Lee, Yeaw Chu                   Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Numerical Analysis