Image Name

Olwyn Alexander

Academic Director, Languages and Intercultural Studies

Stuart Allan

Director of Online Learning, Digital Education Team

Alex Anderson

Heriot-Watt's First Librarian

Stefan Boron

Honorary Lecturer

Ian Briars

Waste and Cleaning Officer

Jim Cameron

Associate Professor, Scholarship EPS

John Cowan

Honorary Professor

Mairéad Nic Craith

Professor of European Culture and Heritage

Sandra Darling

Technician in the School of Textiles and Design

PJ Dewar

Manager, EGIS ICIT Support

Ruth Duncan

Chaplaincy Executive Assistant

Mike Fitchett

Honorary Lifetime Member of the Sports Union

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Professor at I-SPHERE

Stephen Gill

Academic Head of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Cliff Hague

Urban Planning Professor

Jennifer Hardy

Charity Campaigner

Kirin Hilliar

Forensic Psychologist

Stephen Houston

Associate Professor, Scholarship EPS

Roy Jackson

Chemical Engineering Professor

Phillip John

Professor Emeritus

Gavin Kennedy

Professor Emeritus

Maggie King

Head of Academic Quality, Academic Quality

Steve King

Director of Music

Mark Lawson

Professor of Mathematics

Sean Lochrie

Assistant Professor in Management

Keith Lumsden

Education Pioneer

Alex MacLaren

Associate Professor, Institute for Sustainable Building Design

Mercedes Maroto-Valer

Professor, EPS And Associate Principal (Global Sustainability)

Dawn Maskell

Director of the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling

Heather McGregor

Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School

Gabriela Medero

Inventor of the K-Briq

Nicola Mitchell

Student Engagement Officer

Raffaella Ocone

First female Professor of Chemical Engineering in Scotland

Anne Ormston

EGIS Administrator

Sir Geoff Palmer

Scotland's First Black Professor

Henry Prais

First Department Head of Languages

James Richards

Associate Professor, Business Management

Verena Rieser

Professor of Computer Sciences

Sarah Robertson

Health Promotion Manager, Oriam

Kieran Robson-Renner

Quality Enhancement Officer

Rabee Rustum

Associate Professor, Dubai Infrastructure and Environment

Linda Safely

Human Resource Manager

Kate Sang

Professor of Gender and Employment Studies

John Sawkins

Deputy Principal (Education and Student Life)

Chris Sellar

Head of Delivery, Oriam Sports Centre

Katerina Strani

Head of Cultural Studies

Adrian Todd

Professor of Petroleum Engineering

Andy White

Mathematics Professor

Graeme White

Professor IMPEE