WattBuds (Dubai)

WattBuds is a buddy system programme aimed at pairing new students at the University with continuing students in their third or fourth year to provide you with the information that you will need to help you succeed.

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Which schools are currently involved in the programme?
WattBuds is a pilot programme currently only rolled out for students in the School of Social Sciences (SOSS) and the Degree Entry Program (DEP).
What do Big Bud and Little Bud mean?
'Big Bud' refers to the senior student while 'Little Bud' refers to the new students joining the university.
How do I get a Big Bud?
You are automatically assigned a Big Bud when you are enrolled in the University and the Big Bud will reach out to you early in Semester 2 via your University email address – so check it regularly. You can get in touch with the Dubai-based student success advisor, Mohammed, on M.Al-Chalabi@hw.ac.uk to enquire about your Big Bud.
How do I get in touch with my Big Bud?
After your Big Bud makes initial contact, the two of you will agree how you would like to keep contact. You may use face-to-face meetings, WhatsApp, email, Facebook or any other means you both deem appropriate.
Can I choose who my Big Bud is?
Big Buds and Little Buds are allocated to each other based on various criteria the organising team decided on. If you have any concerns about the ‘fit’ between you and your Big Bud, please email Mohammed at M.Al-Chalabi@hw.ac.uk.


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