Frequently asked questions

What do I talk to my personal tutor about?

You can talk to your personal tutor about any academic or non-academic matters. For example, any difficulties you are having with your academic work, any academic skills you would like to develop, anything about studying at the university or anything outside the University that might be affecting your life as a student here. It might be that you just what to ask a simple question.

Personal tutors have experience and training to help them deal with a range of questions and issues. If they are unable to help you directly then they will be aware of other sources of support in the University that they can help you access.

How do I find out who my personal tutor is?

You can find the name of your personal tutor on your records in Student Self Service. You can access Student Self Service via myHWU, the Student Portal.

Can I ask my personal tutor to proof-read my essays?

No. Your personal tutor can advise you on approaching writing your essay, or any other piece of written work, and help you access support in academic writing, essays, reports and referencing. They cannot, however, offer a proof reading service.

Can I get my personal tutor to change my grade for an assessment if I think it’s too low?

Marks are awarded after a rigorous process of checking and moderation. If you think a mistake has been made in calculating your mark, or if mitigating circumstances affected you in the assessment and have not been taken into account, then you should discuss these matters with your personal tutor. If you are disappointed in your grade, then you can discuss with your personal tutor how you might approach future assessments differently and possibly gain more marks. If you just disagree with the examiner's mark and think you deserve a higher one then that would not be grounds for your mark to be changed as the University will not accept a challenge to the academic judgement of those involved in the marking process.

Will I keep the same personal tutor for my entire degree programme?

Because of staff changes, or because of the way personal tutoring is organised in your School, it may not be possible for you to have the same personal tutor for your entire degree programme. You will, however, always have a personal tutor and although the individual may change, their role and responsibilities will not.

Will I still have a personal tutor if I go on a campus transfer?

You will be allocated a new personal tutor at your destination campus for the duration of your stay there. When you return to your home campus, your former personal tutor will normally resume the role for you. However, it may be necessary to allocate a new personal tutor to you on your return, if so, you will be notified by your School Office by email. You will also receive an introductory email from your new personal tutor giving details of how to contact them and when they are available.

How often should I see my personal tutor?

You should see your personal tutor as often as you need to. Don't ignore meeting invitations and always respond to your personal tutor if they ask to see you.

Can I contact my personal tutor by e-mail?

Yes, and your personal tutor will reply as soon as possible. If for any reason your personal tutor is unable to respond to you on an urgent matter, you should contact your year co-ordinator.

I’m not sure that a personal tutor will be able to help me, what should I do?

Your personal tutor is your first point of contact for any academic and non-academic issue. If they are not able to help you themselves, they will be able to advise you of appropriate alternative sources of support.

I would like to take a temporary suspension of studies, can my personal tutor help me with that?

Yes. Your personal tutor will be able to guide you through the application process and the related procedures.

I have not been well enough to come to University and do my coursework, should I talk to my personal tutor?

Yes. You should talk to your personal tutor about any circumstances which are adversely affecting your studies as there are University procedures which will help you, such as applying for mitigating circumstances, which your personal tutor can discuss with you. It is always better to contact your personal tutor at the earliest possible opportunity when matters like that arise.

Can my personal tutor write a reference for me?

Yes, but if you require a reference from your personal tutor you must ask them first. You should not give the name of your personal tutor (or any other member of University staff) as a referee without their permission. Your personal tutor will help you if they can and if you have met regularly with them then they should be able to provide you with a reference, conversely, if you have not met with them, then it will be very difficult for your personal tutor to write you a reference and they may suggest that you contact another member of staff who knows you better.

My personal tutor has invited me to a meeting, does that mean I am in trouble?

No. Personal tutors are there to provide help and support for students, they are not part of the University's disciplinary procedures and are not there to take punitive action against students.

Should I talk to my personal tutor about a non-academic issue?

Your personal tutor is your first point of contact for advice on both academic and non-academic issues. Where appropriate, they will advise you on other support services you can contact.

I don’t need any help, does that mean I should ignore my personal tutor?

No. Personal tutors are there for all students and not just those having difficulties. You may find it useful to talk to them if you are doing well too, to see if you can do any better.