Correcting Visa errors

When you receive your visa it is important that you check it carefully to ensure that there are no errors. Corrections should be made as soon as possible, and in some cases can only be made with 14 days from when the visa is issued. You should check the following on receipt of your visa:

Correcting errors by location

Correcting visa errors outside of the UK

Entry Vignette and BRP

If you have applied for your visa from outside of the UK and you will be issued with a BRP, if you have sufficient time, you should contact the visa application centre and request that the correction is made before travelling to the UK.

Digital Visa

If you used the UKVI app to prove your identity in your student visa application form you will receive a Digital visa. You should receive an accompanying letter from the Home Office confirming the grant of your immigration permission. This letter contains instructions on what you need to do if you spot any errors with your personal details on viewing your online digital status. If you do spot any errors with your personal details, you will need to visit the following website in order to report these errors.  This website is the same website you will need to use in order to view and prove your immigration status 

If there is a mistake with the length of leave or work conditions and you notice this before travelling to the UK you can report this error here

If you notice an error once you have arrived in the UK please submit an enquiry for the International Support team by logging an enquiry on the student portal. 

Correcting visa errors inside the UK

Entry clearance vignette (visa inside passport)

If your full visa has been issued in your passport and there is an error you can report this by following the instructions on the UKVI ECB19  and this must be reported within three months of your arrival in the UK.  The process involves reporting the error, then sending a letter to the UKVI along with your passport and two new passport photographs. There is no charge for this type of correction, once the error has been corrected please bring a copy of the new visa to the Student Service Centre so we hold a copy of your most up to date visa. 

BRP card issued following an application made overseas

If you applied for your visa overseas and were issued with a 90 day travel visa followed by a BRP card, and there is an error on the BRP card, length of leave, your name or work conditions the Visa Advice and Compliance team can help you to get this corrected. Corrections of this nature must be reported within 10 days of collecting your BRP. This will initially involve reporting the error to the UKVI online, you will then receive a new corrected BRP. The current timeframe for this type of correction is approximately 3-4 weeks There is no charge for this type of correction.

Estimated correction times

The correction times stated are only a guide and corrections can sometimes take longer than expected. We would strongly advise that you do not book any travel whilst waiting for your visa to be corrected.

Student information desk

Our Visa Advice and Compliance team are available to answer your enquires through the Student information desk. You can also view frequently asked questions (FAQs) for many topics related to international students studying at our Scottish campuses.