All students resident in the UK are entitled to medical treatment on the NHS, however it is important that you register with one of the local general practices as soon as possible. There are a number of medical practices within a one mile radius of the University, however it is advisable to register with a practice near to your home. You can search for these by using the Services Directory on the NHS Inform website.


The majority of patients will have to pay for their dental care. Only patients in possession of an HC-2 certificate, or who are on income support or other benefits will be exempt from charges.

Some dentists operate privately and are not part of the NHS. As a result the cost of treatment is significantly higher. We would advise checking this with your dental practice before registering.

You can search for a dental practice by using the Services Directory on the NHS Inform website.


For a short absence, defined as up to four working days, you will normally need to fill in a self-certification form and submit it to your School Office. For longer absences, medical evidence may be required. For further information please refer to our website regarding sickness certificates.

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