The pressure of studying and being in a new environment can impact on your relationships and general wellbeing. If you are facing difficulties and are unsure on how to deal with them, or are struggling to cope with any aspect of your life, you could find that talking things over with our Student Wellbeing Advisor can help.

The Student Wellbeing Advisor is here to provide general guidance about any problems you may experience as a student, and it can be important not to leave it until things get really bad. Your Student Wellbeing Advisor can also refer you for private counselling if this is something that may help to support you. Any appointment is confidential.

You can also refer to our ‘when to use counselling' webpage which provides useful help and information about some of the common problems experienced by students.

To arrange counselling please contact who will be able to discuss your needs with you and arrange a meeting. You will then be referred to the Student Counselling Service. You can find Student Wellbeing on the third floor of the High Mill Building in the Student Centre. The office is open from 09.30 -16.30, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 09.30-12.30pm on Friday.


Conversations with the Student Wellbeing Advisor will be confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else without your permission. The only time that this would not be the case, would be if your Student Advisor was concerned for your safety, or thought that you, or someone else, were at some sort of risk. The Student Wellbeing Advisor would always strive to discuss this with you, but in rare or extreme cases this might not always be possible.