Sickness certificates

For a short absence, defined as up to four working days, you will normally need to fill in a self-certification form and submit it to your School Office.

For an extended absence (more than four working days) you should provide medical certificates. Absence may affect your academic progress, so you should discuss with your academic mentor whether you may need to temporarily suspend your studies or apply for Mitigating Circumstances.

If you are unable to attend an exam or complete an assessment due to an unforeseen absence beyond your control, such as significant illness, you will need to make an application for consideration of special circumstances in writing with supporting evidence.  

Medical evidence for special circumstances

Where possible, for students registered and actively using the University Health Service, a GP may provide a more detailed letter of explanation regarding a student's medical circumstances. However, only in exceptional circumstances may medical evidence be applied retrospectively and this is at the discretion of the GP.

Please see the Mitigating Circumstances Policy.