Assistive technology

Technology advice and assistance

We can help you with the enabling technology that we have and assist you with any queries or support needs.

Murray Kendall, Technology Assistant,, ext 4349.

Assistive software on the Scottish Borders network

Our Scottish Borders Campus has a large network of PC's located both in High Mill, and the college library. In the main High Mill building, Texthelp Read & Write and Inspiration mind mapping are both available, while Texthelp Read & Write is also available in the library. Please refer to Assistive software on the University network for further information.

Useful apps for phones and tablets

A selection of apps for both Android and iOS that we consider useful for study, organisation and general well-being.

Equipment Loan Pool

We maintain a limited stock of ergonomic and assistive technology-related equipment, which can be issued as loan equipment to you to trial, or bridge a short gap if you are waiting on your own DSA funded equipment. We can make this equipment available for longer periods if necessary. For further information, please contact

Key information

Murray Kendall

Gillian McLaughlin