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Library facilities

Our state-of-the art library has a total library area of 13223 SQF approx.

  • Academic textbook collection: a wide range of books are currently available to students in support of the programmes being taught on campus; regularly added to, this collection continues to develop.
  • Databases: to facilitate students in their search for details of articles, conference papers, theses and other information on your research topic
  • Electronic journals: to allow students to access the full text of articles from hundreds of journals from several Internet-enabled computers
  • Resource guides: supplied for all the programmes taught at the Dubai campus, to assist staff and students to identify the most important information resources for their study and research

The library has a total seating capacity of 240 with 16 PCs available for student use.

Library Sections

  • Library Main Reading Area  - 102 seats
  • 6 Library Discussion Rooms -  36 seats
  • Quiet Room – 54 seats
  • Library Learning Commons – 48 seats

Booking Group Discussion Rooms

The library has six digital group study rooms (2.31 to 2.36) inside the library that are intended for group study discussions and collaboration. These rooms can be booked in advance using student MS Outlook.

How to book group discussion rooms

How to book

  1. Go to your student email ( MS Outlook) and click “New Meeting” if you are using your laptop.  For mobile, click the “ + “ sign “ or “ New Event”.
  2. Provide a meaningful title and type 2.31 to 36 in the location section.
  3. Select your desired date and time. This should be for one hour only.
  4. Click the “Send” button for laptop and “✔” for mobile phones.
  5. You will be receiving an email stating that it is pending for approval. Kindly wait for the email confirmation from the library to approve/decline your booking.

Important information

  • Rooms can be booked online up to 48 hours in advance.
  • A student can book for a maximum of one hour only per day.
  • The rooms are for group discussions only. Individual occupancy is not permitted.
  • You can cancel your room booking anytime through MS Outlook.
  • Student who booked the room is expected to strictly follow all booking T&Cs.

Library Self-Service Kiosk

The library has a dedicated Library Self-Service Kiosk which allows students to issue a book and other library materials independently.

Book drop-box

The Library is equipped with a book-drop box facility that can be accessed by students in returning library materials.

IT facility

The IT Helpdesk provides support to students for all the major IT packages and staff can assist you with a wide range of queries, from accessing our virtual learning environment (Canvas) and email, to assisting with printing or resolving software problems.