Biomedical Informatics Systems Engineering Laboratory (BISEL)

What we do

BISEL focuses on issues that arise from bringing to bear the latest computer science developments in the context of biomedical research.

For almost 20 years we have worked on projects that cover the whole of the spectrum of biomedical informatics: from the biologists using bioinformatics tools in their research through to computer scientists developing theories and technologies for application on problems in the biomedical domain. The laboratory places great importance on the knowledge transfer of computational theories and technologies into usable biomedical informatics tools.

Areas of interest include:

  • Semantic Web technologies for system integration
  • Anatomy Ontologies
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning for Biomedical Atlas integration
  • Visualisation of biomedical data and relationships
  • Biomedical Image Processing   

An area of primary interest is the use of knowledge graphs for medical image and related data integration, with a specific focus on its application in the context of Human Cell Atlases.

Group Members

Albert Burger, Mehran Sharghi, Bill Hill, Derek Houghton