Robotics Lab

What We Do

The Robotics Lab at the School of Mathematical and Computer Science (MACS) was founded in 2010 and is focused on interdisciplinary research applied to the state-of-the-art autonomous intelligent robotics and human-robot interaction. We are part of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and National Robotarium. Our research requires cross-disciplinary investigations in several areas such as biologically inspired algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence, psychology, machine learning, data mining, computational neuroscience and cognitive science, among others. We have close ties with the Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL), and Interaction Lab (iLab) within the Computer Science department. We also have links with Dr Xianwen Kong’s robotics group at the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Dr Adam Stokes at the University of Edinburgh plus other renowned research groups in the UK, Europe and Brazil.

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Group Members

Patricia A. Vargas, Christian Dondrup, Ruth Aylett, Rob Stewart, Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Michael Lones, Xianwen Kong, Mauro Dragone, Nick Taylor, David Corne.