Doped Silicon as a Quantum Physics Test-bed

Dopants such as phosphorous in silicon semiconductors provide a remarkably controllable test bed from which to investigate phenomena from quantum entangement to astrophysics. For example, we recently used spectroscopic measurements and calculations to show that phosphorous atoms in a magnetic field of tens of tesla behave as though they were hydrogen atoms in a field of tens of thousands of tesla such as is found in white dwarf stars. (Nature Comm.

In this theoretical project we will search for and investigate other analogues in the solid-state which can be used, e.g., for controlling quantum entangled states with light pulses. Another intriguing avenue is the emergence of quantum chaos, which the mixing of spherical symmetry (from dopant potential) and cylindrical symmetry (from an applied magnetic field) could induce. The experimental parts of the program will be performed in the group of Prof B. Murdin at Surrey University in collaboration with their COMPASSS programme ( 

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