Creation and application of ultra-high rate photonic quantum bytes

Quantum technology promises improvements and otherwise impossible tasks in communication, computation, simulation, and measurement. Photons can be used in virtually of those: in quantum metrology and imaging, as the quantum information carrier in photonic quantum processors, as a mediator in hybrid systems, and for long-distance quantum networks. State-of-the-art multi-photon applications reach up to 8 entangled photons, although at excruciatingly low rates of events per hour.

In this PhD project you will increase the generation rates of photonic quantum bytes by many orders of magnitude. This improvement will be achieved through cutting edge technology: gigahertz-clocked lasers, highly-efficient nonlinear optics, and state-of-the art superconducting photon detectors. By removing one of the major roadblocks for the scalability of photonic quantum technology, you will be able to implement next-generation quantum protocols which have so far been out of reach.

The project offers an excellent entry point into quantum technology, training a range of skills from photonic engineering to applications in quantum foundations, communication, computation and metrology. Photonics is a very mature quantum technology, leading to short development paths which leaves more time for practical implementations. As a consequence, doctoral students in quantum photonics usually have a wide array of options to pursue, in quantum information science, in technology development, in applied photonics, and even industry.

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