Student projects

Heriot-Watt University are keen to work with companies on Engineering Design Projects. Taking part in this initiative has no cost to your company and bright innovative engineers will work with you to make a real difference to your organisation.

As one of the UK's leading universities in business and technology Heriot-Watt University produce more graduates per year in engineering, physical sciences, mathematics and built environment than any other Scottish university.

There are several ways in which your organisation could benefit from offering student projects:

  • Benefit from energetic and enthusiastic engineering students who provide fresh perspectives, new ideas and viewpoints
  • Academic expert supervisors and technicians in your R&D activity
  • Bridge the gap between academics and industry through input into the education process of future professionals and innovators
  • Gain an extra set of hands for special projects with clear remits and defined outcomes
  • Evaluate our engineering students for the possibility of employment after graduation

We work with Industry to bring our Engineering students quickly into the workplace, via placements with a range of companies throughout Scotland and beyond.

If you're interested in finding out more about this, and getting involved, email us:

Please note the deadline for submissions for 2012 is is 15 August 2012, so please get in touch if you are interested.

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