HWUM Summer Programme 2023 – Immersion of International Students in Malaysian Culture



HWUM 2023 Summer Programme

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) Summer Programme 2023 - The Malaysian Cultural Programme reached its conclusion on 25 August 2023. The closing ceremony was a vibrant gathering of students, faculty, esteemed guests, and enthusiastic participants, each representing diverse backgrounds. Among the accomplished attendees were 11 students who have successfully completed the immersive 14-day cultural journey. This group encompassed not only students from Heriot-Watt University branches in the UK and Dubai but also students from Indonesia and India. 

The event began with Professor Dennis Wong, the Deputy Provost of HWUM, extending a warm welcome. He highlighted the beauty of Malaysia’s diverse culture and expressed gratitude to the staff for contributing to the success of the summer programme.  

Dr. Lee J. Peter, who leads the Malaysian Cultural Programme and is an Assistant Professor at HWUM, warmly conveyed his thanks to the staff and student helpers, acknowledging their vital role in the programme's success. He strongly believed that the time the students spent in Malaysia had fully engaged them in the fascinating stories of its history, culture, and way of life. With genuine excitement, he encouraged them to share their incredible adventures with friends, teachers, and family, hoping to inspire even more interest in the upcoming August 2024 Summer Programme.

The spotlight then shifted to the students, who shared their experiences through a video presentation. This delightful visual journey showcased their encounters with Malaysian culture and life. Student testimonials followed, with each student sharing their personal experiences. They spoke about exploring historical sites and modern attractions in Malaysia. They praised the local food, arts, and culture, expressing a desire for more time to explore other parts of Malaysia. 

Dr. Peter Lee then presented the certificates. Awards were bestowed for the Best Group Video to Powar Adithya Avinash, Vineet Vinayak Miskin, and Priscilla Joseph. The Best Photo award was secured by Alex Troyan, and Moe Moe Aung received the prize for the Best Batik Colour. Dr. Peter Lee summed up the programme by saying, “Coming together for the closing ceremony, we take a moment to think about the amazing journey our international students have been on. They fully immersed themselves in our cultural experience, embracing it with excitement. Amid lively festivals and treasured heritage, their curiosity sparked important connections. The moments they captured become windows to worldwide viewpoints, wonderfully celebrating the rich diversity that brings us all together.” 

The event wrapped up with a farewell lunch, marking the end of a journey into HWUM’s Summer Programme. The stories shared by the students reflected the programme’s success, proving that the Malaysian Cultural Programme 2023 had made a good impression on each participant. 


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