The Digital Copies Service is a service for teaching staff to request scanned extracts of reading material for Vision courses. Scanning copyright material to create digitised copies is permitted by a licence provided to the University by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). The licence currently permits scanned extracts to be made available to students in the UK or students studying by distance learning.

The University has also participated in pilots which permit scanned extracts to be made available to students studying at overseas campuses and approved learning partners.  It is expected that this will be formal add-on to the Licence from August 2017.

What can be provided?

  • Scanned extracts of print material held in the Library collection published in the UK, US and some other territories
  • Material outwith the Library collection (a copyright fee is paid on these items)

The amount which can be scanned is similar to photocopying:

  • Up to 10% or one chapter of a book.
  • Up to 10% or one article from a journal issue.
  • Up to 10% or one paper of one set of conference proceedings.
  • Illustrations, photographs, tables, charts which can be disembedded from their original page.

The Library uses the British Library  Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service (eHESS) to provide scanned extracts. Information on material excluded from the licence is available from the CLA website.

Why can't I digitise material myself?

You must not scan and upload copyright material to Vision. The licence only permits designated staff to scan material or provide a digital copy, accurate records must be kept centrally for CLA purposes and each digital copy must have a standard coversheet attached.

How do I request?
Please send full details of the item(s) you would like scanned with the page numbers to  We also need the course code and course title.  Please specify which campuses you would like to make the scan(s) available at (i.e. Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Orkney, Dubai, Malaysia, IDLs, ALPs).

How long will it take?

Please allow 3 weeks for your request to be processed.  You will receive a link to the digital copy for you to post on Vision.