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Insurance coverage for Heriot-Watt property

Insurance Coverage for Heriot-Watt property Heriot-Watt holds property and contents for all its equipment. Assurance Services collates a list of our equipment by annually writing out to Directors of Administration of Schools and Directors of Professional Services to request a list of all their high-value assets. All equipment on this list is insured with an excess of £5,000 per loss.

Temporary removal from campus

This insurance coverage automatically continues when an item is temporarily removed from campus (ie taken on a field trip, or sent to manufacturer for repair, etc) as long as the item(s) fall within the below categories and limitations:

  • Deeds and other documents, manuscripts, plans and writings of every description and books but excluding computer system records and subject to a maximum liability of £50,000 any one loss
  • Photographic, scientific, audio-visual and similar equipment on field trips up to a maximum value of £250,000 any one trip and subject to a maximum value of £50,000 any one item
  • Other contents but excluding stock or goods in process of manufacture and subject to a maximum liability of £250,000 any One Event

If these categories and limitations are exceeded, then you should contact to ensure coverage. The excess will remain at £5,000 when insured under this temporary removal clause, however when the items are being transported then this excess will reduce to £500. It will then revert to £5,000 while the items are in situ.

Loaning of Heriot-Watt equipment to a third party

Where goods belonging to Heriot-Watt are loaned to a third party, a loan agreement should be signed by both parties and a copy retained by the loaning department which specifies that the third party is responsible for insuring the item when on loan. It should be noted that items on loan will not be covered by Heriot-Watt's insurance, as the expectation is that the third party will be insuring the items.

Third party equipment loaned to Heriot-Watt

Where Heriot-Watt has been loaned items from a third party, these items will automatically be covered by Heriot-Watt's property and contents insurance. If the value of these items is significant (> £10K) then you should notify assurance services. Please note that a £5,000 excess will apply to each and every loss and this cost would need to be met by the School, Service or Department receiving the loan.

Marine Insurance

Where equipment is being used in fieldwork on water, or underwater then assurance services should be notified so we can ensure that suitable insurance coverage is in place.

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