GeoEnergy Group

The GeoEnergy Research Group is part of the Lyell Centre, which is a strategic collaboration between the British Geological Survey and HWU.

The GeoEnergy Research Group is focused on research in the context of technologies such as carbon capture, utilisation and storage, unconventional reservoirs, subsurface energy storage and geothermal energy. In particular, we work on

  1. characterisation of low-permeability rocks acting as reservoir or reservoir seal
  2. hydro-chemical-mechanical coupling during storage of fluids in the subsurface
  3. fault and fracture flow properties
  4. the frictional behaviour of fault rocks to assess the effects of reactivation of pre-existing faults, and
  5. the general risk assessment of GeoEnergy technologies.

Further details can be found on the website of the GeoEnergy Research Group.