Reyshienee A/P A.Vana Muthu

2nd year

Reyshienee A/P A.Vana Muthu

What appealed to you most about Heriot-Watt University?

The environment. Coming from a busy and hectic Kuala Lumpur, Heriot-Watt's infrastructure and ambience is calm and peaceful. The lake. Can you imagine looking at a lakeview while you are studying? Looking at the sunset with the lake? YES! It is an absolute stunning plus point when you want to study.

What tips would you give to a student thinking of studying at Heriot-Watt?

You will experience a lot of challenges that will shape you to be a better fit for your future career. The university gives you opportunities for your betterment as a person as well. Studying wise things can get tough but remember nothing comes easy. You work hard now so in the future you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

What did you enjoy the most about studying your degree?

Well petroleum engineering was my first choice since I was 15. It’s a great platform for me as it covers a wide range within the field of engineering (mechanical engineering, geology,chemical engineering and petroleum engineering)

Working in a field that is male dominated is not something easy but that is where the fun comes in. Competing in the oil and gas industry will allow me to grow as a person with my personality.

Do you feel your degree has prepared you well for a career?

Yes because our course programme consists of lab sessions, site visits and theory (lectures and workshops). Even though, we are not exposed to site visits in our first year, we do plenty in the upcoming years. This widens our experience and allows us to picture how our working space would be like. In year 1, we learn how smaller scale industry works, and then do internships in year 2, which is an important foundation of our course.

Has your degree programme helped you develop links with industry?


I have been busy with SPE Student Chapter Malaysia Oil and Gas Convention 2017, a collaborative event we organised together with the SPE student chapters at UTM and UM. It is an annual international conference for SPE Student Chapters in the Asia Pacific. By being part of the committee of SMOGC in year 1 among the year 3 students gave me a huge exposure to the industry through leadership, partnerships and sponsorships. For an example: NREDGE, PetroEdge, Petronas, Shell, etc.

How do you think your degree will impact on your career prospects?

Yes! It includes a wide range of subjects which are relevant to the industry and meet the needs of the Petroleum Engineering profession. Therefore all the outcomes of the learning process throughout the years of studying in Heriot-Watt University helps a lot in the working industry.