Watt Club

The oldest alumni association in the UK

Founded in 1854, The Watt Club is the oldest alumni association in the UK. Membership is automatic on graduation and free to all graduates of Heriot-Watt University. With a global network of local branches and Ambassadors, the Watt Club provides a great opportunity to stay in contact with your fellow graduates and friends across the world.  

The Malaysia branch of The Watt Club

Established in 1991, and officially registered in 2002, the Malaysia branch of The Watt Club exists to foster friendship amongst graduates who live in Malaysia. It also aims to help them maintain contact with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  

The Malaysia Watt Club is currently led by Albert Teo and meets two or three times a year for social and business networking. The group often makes cultural and family trips and it holds an annual dinner each November.  

The benefits of joining the Malaysia Watt Club

There are a number of benefits of becoming an active member of the Malaysia branch, including:

  • Professional networking
  • Social networking
  • Careers support
  • Global events programme
  • University communications
  • Exclusive alumni offers
  • Involvement with the University  

Following the Malaysia group's activity

The Malaysia Watt Club have a Facebook group which you can join here.