How to register

How to register for Summer Programme at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Selamat Datang! We are excited to host you!

Steps 1, 2 and 3 below will guide you through your application process. Please read and follow the steps thoroughly for a seamless and smooth application experience. You can then begin your registration here.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Step 1: Registering for the Summer Programme

1. Applicant name

  • Enter your full name according to your passport.
  • If you are unsure, please refer to your passport MRZ format, the machine-readable zone in the passport, located at the bottom of the page containing your photograph.

Now you are ready to register!

2. Gender

Choose 'M' for male or 'F' for female.

3. Applicant passport number

Enter your Passport Number.

4. Passport expiry date
  • Select your Passport Expiry Date.
  • Ensure your passport expiry date is valid and at least six months or more before entering Malaysia.
5. Nationality

Enter your nationality.

6. D.O.B

Enter your Date of Birth in 'DD/MM/YYYY' format e.g. 31/03/2005.

7. Email

Enter the email address you will use for us to contact you for the Summer Programme.

8. Institution/University name
  • Select your Institution/University Name using the drop-down bar.
  • If you are a Heriot-Watt University student, please select either 'HWUK' or 'HWUD' from the drop-down bar, otherwise, please select 'Non-Heriot-Watt Student' option.
  • You are also required to provide the following details:
    • Institution Name
    • Institution Address
    • Institution Liaison Person Name *
    • Institution Liaison Person Contact No.
    • Institution Liaison Person Email address

*the liaison person must be a staff member from your institution e.g., a Professional Services staff from Student Affair Department, International Office, Student Exchange Office, or an Academic staff /Lecturer/Professor/School Principal etc

9. Emergency contact person

Please provide at least 1 emergency contact person details. The contact person can be either your parents or guardians or siblings who are 18 years old and above.

Information you need to provide are:

  • Emergency Contact Person Name
  • Emergency Contact Person Contact No.
  • Emergency Contact Person Email
  • Relationship with Emergency Contact Person
10. Accommodation option

The programme fee includes 13 nights stay at FoxLite Hotel on twin sharing basis (of the same gender). Please provide your check-in and check-out dates and time in the registration form.

Additional arrangement including airport transfers, additional night stay, single room etc are subject to extra charges and availability. If you require additional arrangement, please email to

11. T-shirt size

Please select your T-shirt size using the drop-down list. Refer to the size guide below for guidance:  

T-shirt size guide
Size Chest width Shirt length Sleeve length
XXS 46 cm 63 cm 15.5 cm
XS 47 cm 68 cm 17 cm
S 50 cm 70 cm 18 cm
M 53 cm 72 cm 19 cm
L 56 cm 74 cm 20 cm
XL 59 cm 76 cm 21 cm
12. Special medical conditions
  • Please state any special medical and/or physical conditions and/or diseases that we should know of.
  • Do let us know any kind of assistance you required during your stay in Malaysia.
  • You are strongly advised to bring your medications with doctor's prescription/letter or doctor's prescriptions when travelling to Malaysia.

Now you are ready to register!

Step 2: Acceptance and confirmation

You will hear from us within seven days of your registration. If your application is accepted, you will receive an Offer Letter and invoice from us. Please reply to the email within seven days by providing the following documents:

1. Passport detail page

  • Please note that your passport must have at least six months validity period from the date of your travel. Otherwise, you will not be allowed entry into Malaysia.   
  • Please send us a copy of your passport details page following exactly the format pictured.
2. Travel Insurance Cover Note
  • It is mandatory for you to obtain a valid travel insurance to participate in the Summer Programme.
  • Travel insurance is important because it provides protection and financial coverage for unexpected events that can happen during travel including medical emergencies, trip cancellation or interruption, lost, stolen or damaged belongings etc.
  • Please ensure you have obtained a valid travel insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Malaysia (including your arrival and departure days).
  • Please send us a copy of your Travel Insurance Cover Note.
3. Return/Two Way flight ticket
  • The Summer Programme starts at 09.00 (Malaysia local time) and ends at 20.00 (Malaysia local time) on the last day, hence, it is strongly recommended that you arrive one day before the start of your Summer Programme and depart one day after the last day of your Summer Programme.
  • It is important that you arrange your flight tickets as per our recommendation as it will impact your stay in Malaysia in the following areas: -
Your visa
  • Your maximum days allowed (under tourist visa) is granted by the immigration officer at the (arrival) airport. If granted, you can only stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days. You cannot extend a Malaysian tourist visa.
Your accommodation
  • Arrival and departure beyond the recommended day will impact your accommodation arrangement, availability and will require separate arrangement with our Accommodation Office. Additional cost will be imposed subject to availability of accommodation.

Please send us a copy of both arrival and departure flight tickets.

4. Payment Receipt
  • Please refer to the Bank details when making payment for the Summer Programme.
  • Please ensure you download a copy of your payment receipt and later send us a copy of the receipt.
Bank details
  • Account no: 5140-1102-2817
  • Bank name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
  • Bank address: 1st Floor, Menara Maybank, 100 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Your reference: Full Name, then follow by “Summer Programme”

 Important notes:

  • All payment should be made in RM/MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) upon the transfer from your respective bank/organisation/agency.
  • You will be required to top-up/request for refund if there is any shortfall or overpayment during the transfer process in RM/MYR.
  • We recommend transferring using Wise as it will minimise the shortfall amount.

Step 3: Arrival and accommodation

The KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is located about 40 minutes from your hotel (FOXLite hotel, Cyberjaya). Transportation between the hotel and airports are aplenty and available 24-7. However, if and especially if you are visiting Malaysia for the first time, you may consider the following airport transfer providers:

KLIA Terminal 1 – Taxi services are available at Level 1 and 3 of the Main Terminal Building (MTB). See all public transport options for KLIA Terminal 1.

KLIA Terminal 2 – Taxi services are available at the Transportation Hub which is located at Level 1 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. See all public transport options for KLIA Terminal 2.

Alternatively, students could also arrange for an airport transfer from the respective private providers below.

Private transport providers
Provider Charges (One Way) How to book your transport? RM167.40 (normal rate) / RM268.00 (midnight rate) WhatsApp +6019 2727533 or walk-in direct to the outlet located in the airport.
Mycab2klia RM110.00 (normal rate)/ RM140.00 (midnight rate) WhatsApp +6012 3036792 RM160.00 (normal rate) / RM175.00 (midnight rate) WhatsApp +6011 28313311

Students are encouraged to make reservation a day prior to arrival / departure. The charges are subject to change without prior notice. Please liaise and confirm with the transport provider before making your arrangement.

You are now ready to register! Please register here: Registration Form. If you wish to enquire further, please email to

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