Empower Programme

A future-ready graduate is one with authentic leadership who will go on to make a positive impact in the world. Our EmPOWER programme engages students in advanced self-driven developmental activities enabling them to achieve their full potential.

EmPOWER Programme

EmPOWER is an innovative programme that encourages its students to hone their soft skills. It is a four-level structured programme that is aimed at future-proofing graduates, to unleash their potential and to prepare them to stand out and have an impact in a highly uncertain world.

Empower infographic showing six developmental domains using icons

Leadership Development

Four levels of leadership development are available to students throughout their studies at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. The overall objective is to develop students' leadership through experiential learning in six focused domains. Students can develop competencies in Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading Communities, and Leading Enterprises.

Points at each level are awarded according to the nature of leadership training undertaken or complexity of skills demonstrated. These points are accumulated for achievements made at any of the four levels.

This can be done concurrently, no need to complete one level before moving to the next! An EmPOWER record of achievement and an EmPOWER certificate will be issued on completion of each level. These can help our students stand out from the crowd in today's competitive job market.

Four structured levels of EmPOWER Programme

Watt level is structured and compulsory for all Year 1 students, while subsequent levels are self-directed and optional, but strongly encouraged. Student support is available through EmPOWER champions within each School and the programme is managed by a team of staff, including one lead for each of the six domains.

Becoming EmPOWERed

The university also manages an EmPOWER fund to which students can apply for financial support for worthy EmPOWER projects. Be inspired by what our students have achieved!

Student testimonials

Former students give their impressions of the EmPOWER programme.
maisarah khairil mubin

Maisarah Khairil Mubin

I feel privileged to have been part of the inaugural group of students in the EmPOWER programme, which was launched in early 2019.

darmes ganesan

Darmes Ganesan

The EmPOWER Programme has proven to be an invaluable asset in navigating this transition. Engaging in a myriad of events and activities alongside my engineering cohort has facilitated meaningful interactions and connections with some of the brightest minds

ooi jack teng hao

Ooi (Jack) Teng Hao

One of the key features of the EmPOWER Programme is its ability to enable me in defining my purpose and directing it towards my actions. Having a background in engineering, aligning my actions with the programme significantly.

NGO / Employer Testimonials

NGOs and Employers give their impressions of the EmPOWER programme.
datuk nicol david

Datuk Nicol David

The EmPOWER programme has raised funds for the Nicol David Organisation to support in the execution of our Little Legends programme. The funds will enable NDO to provide Squash and English lessons to the benefited children.

kudzai charlton

Kudzai Charlton

Fugee Org exists to foster and expand refugee education and access to it. Thanks to the EmPOWER program's contribution and compassionate support, we are able to provide an environment where our students find hope and discover opportunities.

ainol yaacob

Ainol Yaacob

The EmPOWER Programme enables students to be in charge of charting their developmental needs and becoming intentional lifelong learners and will definitely make Heriot-Watt University graduates both highly employable and future-ready.

Sarah Deverall

Sarah Deverall

I am delighted to see the EmPOWER Programme promoting global citizenship and a comprehensive set of 21st Century skills amongst the students of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.


Find out more

Find out more about the EmPOWER programme by downloading the leaflet here: EmPOWER Programme Leaflet

Find out more

Find out more about the EmPOWER programme by downloading the EmPOWER leaflet and the EmPOWER handbook below: