Winson Lee

Winson Lee is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in Business Psychology. He strongly believes that positivity and passion accompanied with hard work and dedication is the key to success.

What appealed to you most about Heriot-Watt University?

The state of art campus alongside with the scenic view of the Putrajaya lake has not only caught my sight but also made me feel like home at the very moment I first stepped into Heriot-Watt. I was also truly enticed by the diverse campus life at Heriot-Watt, which had helped me gained a lot of unique perspectives. With Heriot-Watt's strong global reputation as an education provider, enrolling into Heriot-Watt was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I truly do not regret it.

What tips would you give to a student thinking of studying at Heriot-Watt?

Keep an open mind and be intrigued to learn, as the diverse learning experience would certainly be beneficial not only in your future careers but also in your everyday lives. Also, don't be afraid to showcase yourself or voice your opinions and thoughts because at Heriot-Watt, all ideas and opinions are truly valued. Most importantly, make the most out of your degree and time at Heriot-Watt, as it will certainly be an amazing experience.

What did you enjoy the most about studying your degree?

I truly enjoy every opportunity to learn and work with experienced lecturers and industry experts during my degree where their knowledge and experience about the business world is tremendous. Besides, I also appreciate the sharing and bonding sessions with my diverse peers, which helped broadened my knowledge and allowed me to gain important outlooks that may prove useful in my future career. Not to forget, the endless guidance and patience of my lecturers throughout my degree has certainly made my experience more memorable. 

Do you feel your degree has prepared you well for a career?

My degree has indeed enhanced my understanding and awareness regarding the critical issues pertaining to the business world. More importantly, it has equipped me with the the relevant knowledge from psychological theories to the practical aspects as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in my future business career.

Has your degree programme helped you develop links with industry?

The opportunities to meet with various local and international industry experts during my degree has expanded my professional networks with various industry experts and at the same time widened my knowledge about the relevant industries. Such knowledge-sharing sessions were greatly beneficial in managing my own expectations and further preparing myself for my future career. 

How do you think your degree will impact on your career prospects?

A Postgraduate degree from Heriot-Watt would certainly add immense values to my future career especially when it comes to career options and opportunities. Apart from that, the holistic practical knowledge and skills I gained from my degree has broadened my perspective on the core functions of business organisations and further allowed me to critically solve complex business problems.