Jonathan Chang Tien Chzie

Why did you decide to come to Heriot-Watt over other places offering similar courses?

After looking at most of the courses offered by other universities, I decided to come here after finding out that the tuition fees were reasonable and that the foundation courses led to more engaging study methods, including but not limited to independent learning. The Malaysian campus was also located at a very relaxing part of Putrajaya with minimum available distractions, perfect for conducive learning.

What did you feel were the most positive aspects of your time studying here?

Getting to know the various international students was in of itself an enriching experience, their backgrounds, countries, and even their way of thinking. The lecturers also welcomed feedback, which lent the feeling that I was actually doing something about my own education. The activities organised by the numerous clubs opened my eyes to the diversity of humankind, so many different mind sets working together to enable extraordinary achievements to be accomplished. Furthermore, independent learning played a huge part in testing my self-motivation and determination. Organising my time while juggling my social and academic life was no simple task. This was what studying at Heriot-Watt was tailored to do and I feel that the structure of the courses here have successfully integrated these values into the core of the foundation course.

What was the teaching support like?

Teaching support was made readily available to students, in the form of consultation hours. I was free to make appointments with the lecturers to ask further questions about topics that I was not so familiar with. The lecturers were also willing to help and very patient while handling our many questions. Sometimes they even went the extra mile in preparing classes outside of the regular weekly schedule to assist those falling behind.

What advice would you give to an international student considering to apply to the Foundation Pathways at Heriot-Watt?

Malaysians comes from various cultural backgrounds, so don't be afraid to step out of your box and make some new friends. Food is also a huge plus no matter what country you come from.