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Yap Yuen Kiat

Assistant Professor
Yap Yuen Kiat


Yuen Kiat teaches Physics (fundamentals, further mechanics, electromagnetism & thermodynamics) for the Heriot-Watt Malaysia Foundation Programme.


Yuen Kiat has a PhD in Physics. He also has a MSc, where his work is on novel material for medical dosimetry. After his BSc, he started off his career as a research assistant in the nuclear radiation laboratory of the University of Malaya. Subsequently, he moved on to various private institutions, where he gained assortment of experience in some popular programmes such as South Australian Matriculation, EDEXCEL & CIE A-Levels etc. During PhD study, he was also Teaching Assistant to applied physics practical, specialized in classical optics. He was the recipient of the University of Malaya Scholarship Scheme and Postgraduate Research Grant for the project of graphene-based ultrafast laser system.


Yuen Kiat does research in laser & photonics. His work include high peak power fibre laser for metrology & medicine and 2-D materials-based planar waveguide for optical sensing and lab-on-chip application.

He is also now starting a new research area in laser-plasma interaction for high energy density.


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