The University is committed to minimising waste and promoting recycling.

Along with paper, drinks cans and bottles, we also recycle computer equipment, lamp bulbs, light tubes, batteries, printer and toner cartridges and fluorescent tubes.

Recycling rules

  • Please sort your waste before you bin it!
  • Please fold cardboard flat for recycling and break down boxes.
  • White paper should be placed in the bags provided.
  • Clear bags should be used for plastic cups, bottles and cans.
  • Coloured paper, newspaper, junk mail and magazines should be deposited in the council bins.

Please remember that using black bags means no recycling, and the content ends up as general waste.

Recycling points

Edinburgh Campus

We have established a number of recycling points across the Edinburgh Campus where you can dispose of your drinks cans, bottles, paper and general waste.

You will find recycling facilities within the student residences' refuse rooms.

Scottish Borders Campus

There are recycling bins in every classroom - one for general waste and one for recyclables (paper, card and plastics).

There are larger recycling bins in all public areas - the Union, shop and main reception.

There are also specialist recycling points for batteries at reception, large paper bins within the textile workshops, a wood, rubble and metals skip outside the construction workshops, oil and tyre recycling within motor vehicle and a bottle bank in the main public car park.

There are also recycling points at the Jean Muir Student Village.

Orkney Campus

There is a recycling point at the Orkney Campus in the kitchen area where you can dispose of your drinks cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and batteries. There are paper recycling points and general waste bins across the campus. Special uplifts for other materials that can be recycled/reused can be arranged through Orkney ZeroWaste.

Malaysia Campus

Please ensure that any waste is disposed of in the correct waste recycling receptacle provided. Waste bins are located at strategic locations around the campus.