Students under the University's visa will have an insurance package negotiated each year. Students receive this information during the enrolment process. A list of hospitals and clinics that accepts your insurance cards will be forwarded to you at the beginning of the first semester. The nearest one is in Silicon Oasis which is 10 minutes by car or 30 by bus.

Every visa is linked to either employment, business, family or studies and insurance can differ a lot between all of those.

A consultation fee is applicable for an amount up to 20% of the cost or 50 dirhams max. (in the hospitals and clinics approved by the insurance). Please note that the cost of dental care is not covered by the insurance provided through the University.


There is a large number of clinics that offer dental treatment within a range of 20 km from the University. Prices can go from 120 to 500 aed for a consultation. If you require further information regarding local clinics please contact Johan Shaw.


For a short absence, defined as up to four working days, you will normally need to fill in a self-certification form and submit it to your School Office. For longer absences, medical evidence may be required. For further information please refer to our website regarding sickness certificates.

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