Assistive technology

For information on how to access Texthelp on the network, please contact

Assistive software on the campus network

We currently offer Texthelp Read&Write software for students using our network.

Texthelp Read&Write Gold is an easy to use toolbar containing support tools to make reading, writing and research easier for you. Features include:

  • Text-to-speech: have text read back to you from Word and PDF documents, emails, websites.
  • Text-to-audio: turn text into an audio file, such as an MP3.
  • Phonetic spell checking: easily check your document for spelling errors.
  • Dictionary: Provides definitions and alternative words. Basic, advanced and online dictionaries
  • Screen masking: mask out all or part of the screen with a tint colour of your choice.

We have created some short training videos covering features such as setting up the toolbar, spell checking, text-to-speech, screen tinting, making documents more accessible, and how to use the Office Lens APP with Texthelp.

Texthelp also provide a free training portal for users who wish to learn more about the software.

Useful apps for phones and tablets

A selection of apps for both Android and iOS that we consider useful for study, organisation and general wellbeing.

Key information

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