Creating a data management plan

Before starting your project, you should consider how you will create, describe, secure, retain and share your data.

Many research funders now have policies on research data management and expect you to prepare a research data management plan (DMP) when applying for a research grant.  It is recommended that you create a DMP even if not explicitly required to do so by your funder, or if your research does not have an external funder.

To create your research data management plan, please use the JISC tool DMPOnline.  This tool allows you to:

  •          create a DMP for a specific funder (the templates are created using funders' guidelines)
  •          export your plan in PDF format for submission to your funder
  •          edit and update the plan online

You can login to DMPOnline using your Heriot-Watt ID.  DMPOnline has templates for most funders. If your funder template is not in DMPOnline, or you have any questions about writing a DMP, please contact

You should attach your DMP to your research proposal in the Worktribe (RMAS) system when submitting a proposal.  This will enable the university to plan for RDM services and needs, such as data storage.

More information

Sample DMPs from the DCC

Sample DMPs from the University of Bristol (by funder)

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