Terrestrial Environmental Science

A new and growing research group within the school, our aim is to inform on biological and environmental processes in both natural and managed terrestrial systems. Research falls under the following main themes.

  • Waste/ wastewater treatment and resource recovery
  • Soil ecology and biogeochemistry in hot and cold deserts
  • Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in agricultural soils
  • Temperature regulation of soil processes and implications for environmental change
  • Mycorrhizal associations and interactions with rhizosphere bacteria

Our approach is largely multidisciplinary in nature with strong biological, chemical and physical science interfacing. Physical science optic and microfluidic technologies and engineering innovation in particularly are being applied to both natural and managed systems research. We are also embracing social sciences into our research creating a truly holistic approach.

For more information on the people involved in terrestrial environmental research, recent news and publications, please visit the Terrestrial Environmental Science website.