Our GeoEnergy Engineering Technical Services group provides technical support i.e. design, manufacture and repairs of all research equipment. The Technical Services group is split into two separate sections, Mechanical and Electrical. Both groups are required to work in conjunction with each other on project related work. This enables the group to provide a vast range of specialist services. The sections also provide a range of specialist services to commercial companies on request.


  • Computer Aided Design using 3D Modeling Software
  • Pressure Vessel Design to PD5500
  • Design and Manufacture of Commercial Equipment
  • Electronic Prototypes/Instrumentation/Calibration
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing Facility


  • Colchester 2500
  • Colchester 1600
  • Jafo Milling Machine
  • Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • Ajax Milling Machine
  • Radial Arm Drill
  • Sheet Metal Bender
  • Sheet Metal Guillotine
  • Kaltenbach Metal Cutting Saw
  • TIG Welding Equipment
  • MIG Welding Equipment
  • Oxy/Acetylene Welding/Cutting Equipment
  • Belt Sander/Linisher
  • Bandsaw

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