The School is committed to maintaining the computing facilities as industrial software developments demand higher performance. Individual research projects purchase equipment as required for ongoing research.

  • 5 student computer labs with high performance PC equipment, loaded with many major oil & gas software packages
  • 3 Beowulf clusters supporting research work (448-processor, 248-processor and 80-processor)
  • High-performance Linux servers
  • A large-screen visualisation room.
  • Multiple servers providing e-mail, FTP, web and Firewall services.
  • Data storage exceeds 150Tb
  • Three bookable videoconferencing facilities in Edinburgh, two in Dubai, and one in Orkney. ISDN connections can be supported but require advance notice.


Software currently in use in the Institute includes

  • Schlumberger Petrel, Techlog and Eclipse
  • CMG Gem and Stars
  • Landmark OpenWorks ProMAX and VIP
  • MathWorks Matlab
  • Midland Valley Move
  • Office applications (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Roxar RMS


The Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering is grateful to a large number of software companies for their continuing support provided to the institute. Notable among these are Schlumberger (providing Eclipse and Petrel, amongst others) and Landmark (providing OpenWorks ProMAX, VIP and GeoProbe).

IT and communications facilities acceptable use policy

The University reserves the right for appropriate staff members to access any information held on its computer systems by individuals, in order to verify that it conforms to the IT and communications facilities acceptable use policy.

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