Brewing and Distilling

The International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) brings you the only UK undergraduate degree of its kind, with an international reputation. The ICBD is a unique teaching and research facility meeting the needs of the brewing, distilling and malting industries worldwide.

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Our undergraduate degree provides students with the academic and practical skills to excel in the malting, brewing and distilling sectors. Graduates are creative and adaptable, applying the wide range of expertise that they have gained from the biological, chemical and engineering fundamentals to the more technical and research aspects developed in the laboratory, micromaltings, pilot brewery and distillery facilities. 

Strong links with industry provides students with exposure to industry leaders from graduates with their own enterprises to representatives of the major brewing and distilling companies. These links also provides students with wider opportunities such as industrial placements during their degree.

Professional recognition and exemptions

Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) offer Honours graduates the opportunity for exemption from the Diploma in Brewing or Diploma in Distilling should they later in their career wish to undertake the Master Brewer or Master Distiller qualification through the IBD.

Prizes and Scholarships

A number of industry-sponsored and endowed prizes are awarded to students at various stages throughout the course.

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