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Pre-existing medical conditions and vaccinations

Students from some countries, who are applying for UK visas valid for longer than six months, require a certificate to show that they are free from infectious pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

Refer to the UKVI website to check if you need to provide a TB certificate with your visa application.

If you are currently under treatment for a medical condition and are bringing medication to the UK, it is important that you get a letter from your doctor to confirm this, so you can present it to the Immigration Officer when entering the UK.

Most UK students will have been vaccinated against Meningitis C before they come to university. Although this is a rare infection it is very dangerous, and we would recommend that you receive the Meningitis C vaccination before coming to the UK. If you come to the UK without being vaccinated you should ask your GP (General Practitioner) to arrange this when you first register with them.

Covid-19 vaccinations will be available for International students travelling to Scotland.  You will be able to receive your first or second jab once you arrive and have registered with the NHS. The vaccinations authorised for use within the UK are the AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

For more information please check the UKCISA website

Registering with a doctor

Please read the detailed information on registering with a doctor.

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