Childcare and school information


Day nurseries

Edinburgh Campus

Pinocchio's Nursery is based on campus. It provides childcare for children between three months to five years old.

Borders Campus

There is no nursery based on campus. The nearest day nursery to the campus is Osito Nursery which provides childcare for children aged between four weeks to eight years old.

Private nurseries

There are many private nurseries in Edinburgh. When selecting your nursery ensure that they are registered with the Care Inspectorate. The Care Inspectorate is an independent regulator for social care and social work services, and ensures that people receive quality care and that their rights are protected. For more information please visit the website for the Care Inspectorate.


Childminders provide childcare from their homes. They must also be registered with the Care Inspectorate and are inspected regularly. For more information on childcare available in Scotland please visit the Scottish Families Information Service.


UK state schools are run by the local education authorities and are free up to the age of 17/18 years. It is compulsory for children between four/five years and 16 years to attend school.

The school system in Scotland is divided into three sections:

  • Pre-School/Nursery (three – four/five years of age)
  • Primary School – Primary 1 to 7 (four/five – 10/11 years of age)
  • Secondary School – Year 1 to 6 (11 – 17/18 years of age)

Children living in a specific ‘catchment' or local area are given priority admission to their local school.

Edinburgh catchment areas
Scottish Borders catchment areas
Orkney catchment areas

To find out about schools in your areas and how to register your child at school, please contact the local council, websites below:

Local information

Students with young families can visit Netmums Edinburgh to access local information, advice and a 'What's on' Guide to local events and activities.