Emergency procedures

Providing a safe environment for our students, staff and wider community is a primary concern of the University.

In order to achieve our goal of ensuring you are protected and properly supported should an emergency occur, we need you to take responsibility for familiarising yourself with our emergency procedures.

What is an emergency?

An emergency on campus is any accidental or deliberate incident that could threaten the safety of the University's community, property or environment.

How to be prepared for an emergency

Please take some time to become familiar with the emergency procedures which relate to the campus you are based on.

In the event of an actual emergency you should follow these procedures carefully.

In the event of an emergency situation you should contact the Security Control Room by either:

Using the nearest RED emergency telephone handset located within your area. This will automatically give you direct contact to the Security Control Room; or
dialling 2222 on any internal telephone handset.

Our Security Patrol Officers are trained in dealing with emergency situations.

You must try to stay calm at all times. Depending on the situation you will be asked a number of relevant questions, which will enable Security Control to evaluate the situation and initiate the appropriate response.


If you find, or suspect that there is a fire, you should immediately raise the alarm by activating the nearest manual call point.

Do not attempt to fight the fire. Close doors in the immediate vicinity and follow the nearest escape route to the assembly point. Tell the Fire Marshall at the assembly point that you raised the alarm.

Emergency first aid

If a situation arises whereby someone is seriously injured or becomes ill you must treat this as an emergency. Use the nearest RED emergency telephone to contact the Security Control Room or dial 2222 from any internal telephone handset.

Please see the health and safety guidance leaflet for the Edinburgh Campus.

Key information

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