University Executive


The University Executive is responsible for University operational management decision-making and is responsible and accountable for relaying decision-making and other relevant information to the Court in accordance with the governing body's responsibilities, powers, and authority.

The University Executive is responsible for advancing the strategic planning and development of the University and for presenting recommendations to the Court for approval.

The University Executive may delegate elements of review and decision-making authority to any of its own boards and committees. Any delegated powers shall be referred to explicitly in the relevant board or committee Terms of Reference. The University Executive shall ensure, through a process of regular review and approval/re-approval of the Terms of Reference of those bodies, that the arrangements remain effective in providing appropriate support to the University Executive to fulfil its role and its responsibilities to the University Court.


  • the Principal (as Chair)
  • the Vice-Principal and Provost
  • the University Secretary
  • the Vice-Principal of Dubai
  • the Vice-Principal of Malaysia
  • all Deputy Principals
  • the Global Chief Financial Officer
  • the Global Chief Operating Officer
  • the Global Director of Human Resources

The current membership can be viewed in the Terms of Reference below.

Key information

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