About the Interlibrary Loan service

The service is available across all our campuses to:

  • Staff
  • Postgraduate students
  • Undergraduates in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year

Users of the ILL service may make a number of requests each year free of charge up to the limit specified below. Premium requests, for items like theses which are expensive to obtain, are included but also limited. If you exceed your limit items can still be requested but a charge of £10.00 per item will apply (staff may complete the ILL charge form).

Category Limit Notes
Undergraduates: 1st - 2nd year 0 This service is not normally available*
Undergraduates: 3rd year 5 No premium requests
Undergraduates: 4th - 5th year and
Undergraduates 3rd year (Malaysia campus only)
10 Maximum of 5 premium requests
Postgraduates: Masters & Diploma courses 20 Maximum of 5 premium requests.
Postgraduates: PhD, EngD, MBA & DBA students 25 Maximum of 5 premium requests.    
Staff 30 Maximum of 5 premium requests

* The course requirements of Undergraduates in 1st – 2nd year are met from the resources available locally and the requirement for additional material is exceptional. Please consult your Academic Support and Liaison Librarian or your lecturer if you have questions about accessing additional material for your coursework.

If you wish to request additional items beyond your limits, a charge is applicable. Charges are also made by some lending libraries e.g. for failure to return a loan on time. Any charges made by a lending library will be passed on to you.

Dubai Campus, Malaysia Campus, Distance Learning programmes and Approved Learning Partners (ALPs)

An Interlibrary Loan service is available to students. We can supply copies of articles and chapters from books electronically but we are unable to provide loans of books due to the method of delivery. For more information, please consult the staff in your Campus Library for information about local arrangements for accessing material held in other libraries.