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Psychology is the science of behaviour and the mind.

It uses a variety of scientific methods to explore key areas related to how we live our lives and percieve the world, such as: the influence that our biology has on behaviour; the ways in which we develop from early infancy to adulthood; the ways in which we perceive the world, think, solve problems and make decisions; and the ways we interact with each other.

At Heriot-Watt we start by identifying a problem that people face in the world and then ask ourselves: how can we find a psychological solution to this problem?

Understanding individual differences in the ways in which we think and behave provide other important considerations. All of these approaches to the science of mind and behaviour enable theories to be developed and tested within psychology.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study

To study Psychology at Heriot-Watt University is to join a passionate community of researchers and students. At undergraduate level, we teach BSc Psychology and BSc Psychology with Management, both of which qualify Honours students for graduate registration with the British Psychological Society (BPS).  At Postgraduate level, we teach a suite of MSc degrees in Business Psychology, which are the most established of their kind in Europe. 


Our Psychology research is grouped under three main themes:

  • Cognition, Brain and Behaviour
  • Lifespan Health and Wellbeing
  • Work, Society and Environment

Psychology Research and Teaching Team

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At Heriot-Watt University we start by identifying a problem people face in the real world, and ask ourselves: how can we find a psychological solution to fix that problem and improve lives?