Who we are


Our counsellors are Lim Siow Yen and Lim Ley Koon. They are trained and accredited by the professional body the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (Malaysian Board of Counsellors).

Lim Siow Yen is our manager of counselling and disability support and receives all referrals and requests for counselling and disability support in the first instance. She can be contacted directly by email: siow_yen.lim@hw.ac.uk

How can we help

If you are facing difficulties and are unsure how to deal with them, or are struggling to cope with any aspect of your life, you could find that talking things over with a professionally qualified counsellor can help. We are trained to be non-judgmental, reflective, and respectful of individual differences. Counsellors do not give advice, but help you to explore your situation, and your options, so that you can think about how you want to proceed.

We are able to offer a clear space for you to consider the challenges that you are facing. There are no limits to what is considered to be an appropriate issue. However, in some circumstances, we can help you access more specific services, if that would be helpful.

We try to offer a flexible and timely service so that you can be seen when you most need our support. This means that you will usually be offered an appointment within 3 working days of contacting us, and can discuss with your counsellor the number of sessions that you will have.

This service is free

You will not have to pay for any counselling you receive from our counsellors. We provide this service free of charge to ensure that anyone who needs help and support can access it whenever they need to.

Key information

Counselling and Disability Support

+603 8894 3614/3874