Health and safety

The University is committed to ensuring the safety and health of all of our staff, students and visitors. 

Health and Safety provide competent advice to the University Executive in support of the development and application of a health and safety management framework which ensures that the University can meet its statutory requirements and contributes to the University’s values.

Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

The University Health and Safety Policy Statement, signed by the Principal and Secretary of the University, demonstrates the commitment of the Court of Heriot-Watt University to managing health and safety.  

The Policy details our organisation and arrangements, and in associated Procedures and Guidance Documents we detail the specific operational processes which create a complete health and safety management framework. It applies to every person who may be affected by our work activities, acts and services, including staff, students, contractors, visitors and members of the public. 

These are available on our SharePoint Site.

How to contact us

Health & Safety  
tel +44 (0)131 451 3900

Each School has local staff responsible for safety within their area: School/Building/Institute Safety Officers and Building/Technical Services Managers, these are identified within each area.

Fire Safety

On induction to campus you should familiarise yourself with:

  • The location of and means of raising the alarm via manual call point.
  • The nearest means of escape – these are indicated with green and white signs.
  • The location of firefighting equipment.
  • The assembly points for our buildings as detailed on the local Fire Action Plan Notices.

Please see our fire safety page for more information.

Emergency Evacuations

  • When the fire alarm sounds:
  • you must evacuate immediately!
  • you must leave the building by the nearest exit.
  • you must not stop to collect belongings.
  • do not wait for others go straight to the assembly point.
  • fires take hold in a matter of minutes it’s vital you act calmly and quickly.
  • you must not re-enter the building, even if the alarm stops sounding until you are told it is safe to do so by the Fire Marshal.

Personal Care Plans

If you have an additional requirement that would impede your escape during a fire evacuation or that first aiders need to be aware of in an emergency, you may need a Personal Care Plan to support you, please contact your host, line manager or Health & Safety.


The University does not permit recreational use of drones on its property by any person (staff, student or visitor).

Any member of staff or student undertaking drone activity shall do so in line with the University UAV Procedure, Operations Manual and Legislative requirements.


All campuses operate a maximum speed limit. Parking and driving must be done in accordance with local signs and restrictions. 

The use of mobile phones when driving on Campus is strictly prohibited.

You must only use identified walkways and pay attention to vehicle traffic.

Hazard Reporting

Should you identify any hazards you should make your host, course Tutor, School Safety Officer or SafeGuarding aware so that they can record this and take action for this to be addressed. All staff have access to the Report a Hazard form through the Staff Portal and as an icon on the staff managed desktop.

Accident Reporting - Emergencies

The first responders to all incidents at the Edinburgh Campus and Jean Muir Student Village are the SafeGuarding Officers.

All SafeGuarding Officers are fully first aid trained and can be contacted by:

  • Activating the SafeZone app,
  • Picking up one of the red phones located around the Edinburgh Campus,
  • By calling 0131 451 3500 (Edinburgh campus) or 07823 326242 (Jean Muir Student Village),

If you require the emergency services on Edinburgh Campus, please contact SafeGuarding who will arrange this for you and escort them to your location. All SafeGuarding Officers have also undergone the Scottish Mental Health First Aid training which is provided by the NHS. 

Activating SafeZone off campus, will connect you to local emergency services for assistance.

Dubai Campus

Local health and safety coordinators/first aiders are on site at Dubai Campus their contact details are advertised at the Campus, however any health and safety concerns can be sent to

For emergency/first aid assistance, SafeZone at the Dubai Campus works exactly the same as it does at all other Heriot-Watt campuses and can be activated for help or support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Malaysia Campus 

The Health and Safety Unit in Malaysia can be contacted for any local concerns and advice, they are based in the ground floor of the East Wing and can be contacted by email or telephone on +60388943622.

For emergency/first aid assistance, SafeZone at the Malaysia Campus works exactly the same as it does at all other Heriot-Watt campuses and can be activated for help or support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.