Languages and Intercultural Studies enrolment and course choice

Elective courses: Languages and Intercultural Studies

The Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies (LINCS) offers elective courses to students across Heriot-Watt University to contribute to the development of the Global Graduate Attributes and to enhance their multilingual and multicultural identity. 

In the PDF below you will find a list of all electives offered in the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies open to students across Heriot-Watt University. It includes the Semester they are available and the prerequisite courses applicable.

LINCS electives

Read the full list of Languages and Intercultural Studies electives for 2023/24

There are courses in languages, culture and professional development. These courses are available to ANY Heriot-Watt University Student, from ANY School, whose degree programme includes space to choose elective courses.

Am I eligible to register for a LINCS elective?

All Heriot-Watt Students are eligible to study LINCS electives, as long as the degree programme indicates space to choose electives. Check your programme details or ask your Degree Coordinator. Your programme will indicate the elective SCQF level appropriate for your year of study.

Do electives count towards my degree?

YES! Electives courses are worth 15 credits each. You need to attend classes, submit coursework, and sit exams, just as you would for any of your core degree courses. If attendance falls below 50%, your coursework marks will be invalid, which may result in you failing the course. Failure to pass an elective course may result in being unable to progress to the next stage of your degree. 

Where can I find detailed course information?

Course information documents can be found online via the links in the table above.

What are linked courses?

Linked courses are pairs of courses, that are studied and assessed across two semesters during the year. The language electives consist of two linked courses (indicated in the table above). You are strongly recommended to register for both of the linked courses in your chosen language and level. It is not possible to join a language elective course in Semester 2 if you have not already studied the linked course in Semester 1. 

Which level should I choose for a language elective?

  • No (or little) previous learning in the language? Register for the beginner level courses.
  • Passed the language at National 5 or GCSE? Register for post-beginner level courses.
  • Passed Higher or A-Level? Register for intermediate level courses. 

When do I register for electives? 

Register for your electives at the same time as you register for your core degree courses. Before you register, check that your electives choice does not create a timetable clash. You must NOT register for an elective if that creates ANY timetable clash with core degree programme courses.

How do I find the timetable?

Timetables for all university courses are available online.

How many students are there in an elective class?

All LINCS electives are subject to an upper limit of 36 students. It is therefore crucial that you report to the first timetabled class in Week 1. Students who arrive to a course after it is fully subscribed may be asked to de-register.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Eilidh Johnstone (, LINCS electives co-ordinator.