Academics receive medal awards from the RSE



RSE Awards
L-R: Professor Mehul Malik and Dr Ferry Melchels

Two academics known for their work in the fields of quantum science and biomaterials have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to science by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

Professor Mehul Malik and Dr Ferry Melchels, both from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) at Heriot-Watt University, attended an awards ceremony hosted by the RSE yesterday (Nov 16).

It has been a long wait for both men as they were initially informed of their awards in 2021 and 2019 respectively but due to covid-19 restrictions, they were unable to collect their honours in person.  

Professor Malik received the Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Medal 2021 for his work in pushing the boundaries of our understanding of quantum mechanics and its use in modern technologies, including quantum cryptography and communications.

After receiving his award, Professor Malik, who, for many years worked alongside the 2022 Nobel Prize winner for physics, Professor Anton Zeilinger, said: “I’m honoured to receive this medal from the RSE. My work would not be possible without the very driven team of young researchers and PhD students working in my lab, and the excellent support that Heriot-Watt has provided me over the years."

Dr Melchels was recognised with the Patrick Neill Medal 2019 for his outstanding contribution to the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering.

He said: “The Royal Society of Edinburgh is a prestigious institution and it’s an absolute honour to receive this award from them. It is a highlight in my career thus far and I have many colleagues and mentors around the world to thank for their invaluable contribution to this success – and my family for unconditional support. It is those people, and recognition like this award that motivate me to try and reach for the stars.”