Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan brings positive vibes to the industry



Dubai skyline
Industry professionals across the built environment have welcomed the new urban plan with open arms.

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan was unveiled earlier last year, laying out the Emirate's future urban development with a focus on the quality of life, sustainability, and cultural heritage. The plan will undoubtedly generate new business opportunities and reconfirm the status of the UAE as a haven for global investors and a leader in the post-Covid recovery.

CM today asked professionals from across the built environment on their reaction to this promising future. 

What does the plan involve?

Drawing inspiration from global best practices and adapting them to local needs and requirements, the plan created is a development model that offers the best possible quality of life and creates the conditions for sustainable prosperity. The goal is to create a truly inclusive environment that not only meets the needs of Dubai's diverse population but also inspires them to tap into their creative and innovative capacities and realise their true potential.

Here are the top takeaways from the Dubai 2040 urban plan -

  • 5.8mn total resident population will increase by 59% by 2040
  • 60% of Dubai will comprise of natural reserves
  • 25% increase of designated spaces for educational and health facilities
  • 2 additional urban centers
  • 105% increase in green and recreational facilities
  • 400% increase in public beaches