QAA Enhancement Theme

The present QAA Enhancement Theme is “Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience”.  This is a three-year Theme running from October 2017 to the end of the 2019/20 academic year.

As well as the normal Institutional level activity, this Theme will include some sector-wide strands of activity as well as “Collaborative clusters activity” where self-selecting HEIs will work together to progress elements which will have outcomes relevant to whole sector.

Enhancement theme activities at Heriot-Watt will mainly be focussing on institutional activity with the possibility of some contribution to collaborative clusters and/or sector wide activity where this aligns with our strategic objectives or with other activity of institutional importance.

Further information on the Theme can be found at the QAA Website:

For further information on the Enhancement Theme activities at Heriot-Watt, please contact the Theme Lead, Dr Anne Tierney (LTA)

Key information