Female student with green edited eyes, wearing black fluffy hat

Headshot of student wearing leather hat and jacket with spiked necklace and drawn-on stitched eyebrows

bald student with drawn-on stitched eyebrows, posing leaning on hand with long stiletto nails

head shot of girl with green edited eyes holding a blue ball next to her face

Heriot-Watt University
"The Fashion Communication programme has provided me with a vast range of knowledge covering multiple areas including photography, fashion journalism, copywriting, graphic design and marketing. This has prepared me to enter the industry with confidence and my skills will allow me to face any challenge head on. "

Amy Anthoney ,
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication - 4th year student

Edited abstract collage

Student posed crouched wearing white tshirt, colourful fake tattoo sleeves and an orange beanie

two females wearing leotards and sleek ponytails, using their arms to create and infinity sign

pearl necklace laid over an orange, pomegranate, peach and banana with one eye edited on each

Graduate Fashion Week

Every year, many of our Fashion Communication students take part in Graduate Fashion Week. Here is some of their recent work.