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Study at the School of Textiles and Design

Textiles, fashion and design are fundamental in modern society and culture, and studying them can lead to exciting and diverse opportunities worldwide. The School teaches undergraduate degrees in the Scottish Borders and Dubai to match the needs of the global fashion and design industries.

‘‘I am very, very impressed by the facilities that they have in the School of Textiles and Design in the Scottish Borders. I am sure there is no other college or university in the whole of the British Isles that can come anywhere near to this.’’

Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer and Honorary Graduate 

Undergraduate programmes

Global study opportunities

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Our school has campuses in the UK and Dubai which means that we have diverse and fascinating communities, where students can learn from each other, providing an excellent foundation for a global career.

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Dubai Undergraduate programmes

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Links to industry

Our degree programmes are fundamentally guided by the needs of industry and employers. All students are given the opportunity to work directly with our industrial partners during their studies through placements or live industry projects.

In recent years, students on our degrees have collaborated with designers and businesses such as The Blankfaces, Harvey Nichols, Johnstons of Elgin, Old Navy, MYB Textiles, Estee Lauder and W L Gore.

Postgraduate courses

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View our range of Postgraduate programmes across a variety of disciplines, being taught in the UK and Dubai.

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